Comfort Tips

Comfort Tips :

Our Paphos Segway PT experiences are outdoor activities. You will be exposed to the elements, environmental conditions and other road users. To ensure your comfort and safety you should:

  • Always wear your fasten helmet when riding.
  • Wear any additional safety equipment you are given.
  • Wear sensible footwear – comfortable, flat soled, closed shoes are best.
  • Ride your Segway as you were trained to do – stay relaxed.
  • Dress appropriately for prevailing weather conditions and temperatures.
  • Be aware of forecast changes in the weather.
  • Wear sunglasses if you need them, Also Apply sunscreen – even in cloudy conditions.
  • Be aware and respectful of other road users – Also give pedestrians and animals right of way.
  • Heed instructions and information given by your guide.
  • Be aware of wildlife – also look out for snakes and pelicans!
  • During the ride, you may feel some tiredness in your legs – this is normal as you may be standing for longer than you are used to (you’re gliding – but standing still!) and we schedule regular breaks to alleviate any discomfort. Please advise your guide if you need a break at any time.

Make sure you “GO” before we set off as public conveniences may not be available en-route.