Try For Free

We understand that, to many people, riding a Segway PT seems an impossible skill. I mean, balancing on two wheels whilst you dodge obstacles, accelerate, brake – must be difficult. Harder than a skateboard that has 4 wheels – right? Wrong! A Segway PT is an amazing SELF BALANCING machine. It does not fall over! All you need is a normal ability to balance yourself and free spirit to learn something new. In no time at all, you will have mastered the basics of moving forward and backward, turning to the left and right and, importantly, STOPPING safely.

Your introduction to the Segway PT Experience

To introduce beginners to the Segway PT experience. We offer a FREE TRY during which we will demonstrate the essentials and then allow you to step up onto the Segway PT and complete a few manoeuvres whilst the instructor maintains control of the Segway PT with you.  Maybe even get a few pics of you once you can confidently keep the Segway PT stationary. If you would like to try a Segway PT for FREE, please approach our roving ambassadors (in the Paphos Harbour area) and we would be delighted to give you a Free Try. Please note that the TrySegway instructor will not release the Segway PT during your Free Try.