Lysos Valley Adventure

Lysos Valley Adventure

Lose your breath to the stunning views over the valleys of Lysos on the fringes of the Paphos forest. Located 36 kilometres north-east of Pafos, the village found fame as the original base of the EOKA movement. A guerrilla organisation that fought for the liberation of Cyprus from British rule. A number of “lairs”can still be seen in the area. Within the village is a Byzantine church that houses a byzantine fresco. It is the surrounding countryside that is truly spectacular. Our route passes through a number of steep valleys on the edge of the Paphos forest. We glide through crumbling villages. They have been deserted for over 40 years surrounded by spectacular scenery. Of course this route is a little more challenging, with this in mind we recommend this for gliders who are adventurous and more confident in their ability.

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Furter information

Please allow up to FIVE hours for the experience, which will include transfers to Lysos, safety briefing, personal training, practice and about 2 hours of gliding in and around the village and countryside. After your TrySegway experience you wish to enjoy the hospitality of a local taverns, we are happy to delay our return to Paphos.

Lysos Valley Adventure € 120,- pp. (Minimum group size is 2, discounts for groups of 3+.)

Route / Map

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