Chlorakas Coastal Adventure

Explore the diversity, rugged beauty and history of the Chlorakas coastline.

Chloraka is a small coastal village located approximately 3 km to the North of Paphos. The Chlorakas Coastal Adventure route follows the tracks, paths and promenade. They extend from just North of the Tomb of the Kings to Lemba beach. A little more challenging than the Paphos Coastal Cruise. The route takes you past the landing points used by the EOKA movement. They smuggled arms into the country during the struggle for independence in the late 1950’s. There is an opportunity to visit the EOKA museum near St.George’s hotel to learn more about this key period in Cypriot history.

Further information

The coastal path is made up of a range of different surfaces, and some quite challenging sections. Thus we recommend this route to more experienced gliders. They can challenge themselves on varied surfaces and some interesting obstacles. Please allow up to Four Hours for the experience. It will include transfers to our start point, safety briefing, personal training, practice and about 2 hours of gliding along the coastal route.

Chlorakas Coastal Adventure € 65,- pp. (Minimum group size is 2, discounts for groups of 4+.)

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